SUNLU Filament PLA Meta Apple Green


3D Printer filament PETG feature

Extracted and purified from corn grain; high rigidity, good glossiness;

Suitable for printing larger models;

The surface of the printouts will be smoother and more delicate;

No cracking problem.

Environment friendly and non-toxic

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Unveil the artist within you with SUNLU’s PLA Meta Filament. This innovative 3D printing material is a modified version of PLA developed by SUNLU, offering superior performance and vibrant colors for your 3D printing projects.

SUNLU PLA Meta Filament is known for its fluidity, surpassing regular PLA in terms of high-speed 3D printing. Its lower melting point enables more energy-efficient printing, making it a green choice for your printing needs​.

Note: Colours may vary slightly compared to image viewed on your screen.


SUNLU 3D Printer Filament PLA Meta

Diameter: 1.75mm
Print Temp.: 190-220℃
Tolerance: ±0.02mm
Print Speed: 50-100mm/s
Platform Temp: Depends on the platform: No need but some users prefer to set it @ 50℃
N.W.: 1.0kg
G.W.: 1.3kg
Length: 330m
Packing Size: 209*209*73mm
Tensile Strength: 6-11kgf
Melt Flow Rate: 7-9g/10min(190℃,2.16kg)
Certificate: RoHS, Reach

Experience the exceptional adhesion and superior layer bonding of the PLA Meta Filament, which ensures the success of your 3D prints and reduces the chances of printing failures. Its superior mechanical strength and impact resistance outshine regular PLA, ensuring that your 3D printed model doesn’t shatter when dropped​​.

SUNLU PLA Meta Filament is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and biodegradable. Its high strength and rigidity paired with excellent toughness ensure that your prints won’t break easily​​.

The SUNLU PLA Meta Filament comes in an array of stunning ‘Macaron’ colors, including Cherry Red, Black, White, Grey, Lemon Yellow, Mint Green, Sakura Pink, Sky Blue, and others​. These soft and warm colors, combined with the filament’s capacity to produce stunning prints, make it perfect for arts, crafts, and 3D projects.

Choose SUNLU PLA Meta Filament to enhance your 3D printing experience and bring your ideas to life!

  • Biodegradable Material – SUNLU PLA Filament is made of premium PLA material (Polylactic Acid), which boasts complete bio degradation and lower melting temperature, even does not need a heated bed, with no odor during the printing.
  • Macron Color -The meta collection offers unique macron shades! The meta colors are bold and vibrant. On the basis of solid color, add 10%-30%grayscale to create a unique macron color system with low saturation!
  • Strict Quality Control – 1.75MM Filament error is +0.02 Filament. Neatly arranged 100% tangle-free
  • Stronger PLA – The PLA_META series is an improved version of PLA with better flow and impact resistance. At the same time, it has a lower melting point and printing temperature, which can greatly reduce clogging and stringing, ensuring stable feeding and printing
  • Smooth Printing – SUNLU PLA meta prints smoothly, with high purity, low shrinkage and excellent layer adhesion for your printing project needs for higher tenacity functional parts.
  • Vacuum Packaging – We keep Filament dry by airtight packaging so that each roll of Filament arrives in the user’s hands in perfect condition, SUNLU filament quality is consistent


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