eSUN eSilk-PLA Magic Bicolor Filament Green Blue


The model has a shiny and silk lustre texture, The printing surface is smooth without layer patterns. It is modified from PLA material, and easy to print as PLA.

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eSUN eSilk-PLA Magic Bicolor Filament Green Blue

The model printed with dual-colour PLA filament has a dreamy and gorgeous bi-colour appearance. Magic PLA filament will appear in different colours at different angles.

Hola! I believe that you guys already know about the eSUN silk series filament. Various materials like eSilk-rainbows, and metallic silks, for example, will give you a good experience of the silk aesthetics of 3D printing! And now let’s give round applause for the new eSUN silk series, Double-color silk, which will bring you a colourful visual experience!

 eSilk-PLA Magic (2)

eSilk-PLA Magic

eSilk-PLA Magic

As shown in the pictures, the model is printed with eSUN eSilk-PLA Magic, which brings out a unique Double-color appearance. Different colour expressions will show themselves at different angles. It looks more vivid with a little bit of slow spin.

eSilk-PLA Magic (3)

eSilk-PLA Magic (4)

eSUN eSilk-PLA Magic printed model

The eSilk-PLA Magic not only has the advantages of the silk series but also have the easy -to-peel and Easy-to-print features like PLA+.

The eSilk-PLA Magic will be available in three new colors: red & blue, gold & silver, and green & blue, each with its own characteristics. The different colors combined will approach a certain sense.

 eSUN 3D silk filament have new products!1095eSUN 3D silk filament have new products!1097

As you may ask, what is the difference between eSilk-PLA Magic and eSilk-rainbow? Is it just the number of colors?

Well~  The eSilk-rainbow has richer colors, and the color rendering of the printed model will be affected by the model size. While eSilk-PLA Magic is that it can create a dynamic beauty through color gradients, and present a bi-color gradient appearance no matter the model size. Both filaments have their own advantages, and you can choose according to your needs.

eSUN 3D silk filament have new products!1582

Example of eSUN eSilk-rainbow PLA Print Model



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